At Cablepark Aquabest we welcome everybody that wants to try their hand on wakeboarding or waterskiing ; it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or you are an advanced rider. Our instructors will try their best to teach you the ropes ór explain how to perform difficult tricks to take your skills to the next level.

Wakeboarding and waterskiing for beginners

To take away most of the nerves we start by watching an instructional film. At the starting dock you will receive personal instructions from the instructor. Naturally it differs per person how soon you will be able to waterski, however, we find that most people come pretty close within the first 30 minutes. Given you carefully follow our instructions the first full rounds will follow soon! Besides waterskiing you can also learn to wakeboard at Cablepark Aquabest. For beginning wakeboarders we also start off with an instructional film and ongoing personal instructions at the starting dock. Mind you: wakeboarding is generally found to be more difficult than water skiing, therefore it might take a few more tries before you get the hang of it. If you are already able to kite-, snow- or skateboard then you might have a bit of an advantage. Would you like to be 100% sure you learn how to wakeboard? Book one of our wakeboard clinics where we teach you how to wakeboard in a small group and start off at our special wakeboard trainer. Cablepark Aquabest is the only cablepark in the world that offers training courses on a 2-pylon wakeboard trainer that has a similair start as the 4-pylon full cable. Especially beginning wakeboarders and small children enjoy the many benefits this cable brings. On this shorter course we train specifically on the start and it’s possible to alter the speed to your individual needs. Mind you: the  2-pylon wakeboard trainer is open on most weekends and by appointment. Inform beforehand via 0499-392121 whether the wakeboard trainer will be available during your visit to prevent disappointment.

Wakeboarding and water skiing for advanced riders

If you are already able to wakeboard or waterski you can start without an instructional film. Waterski’s and lifevest are included in the price but you are free to bring your own gear as well. Would you like to use our obstacles? Then you first need to sign a waiver that states you do so at your own risk. When riding our obstacles you need to be using your own gear or one of our special obstacle rental boards. You are also required to wear a protective helmet when using the obstacles. Of course our instructors are there to help you conquer the obstacles so don’t hesitate to ask them for extra tips!

What do you need?

Except for your swimming clothes and a towel you don’t need anything at our cablepark! Waterskis and a lifevest are included with your ticket. For wakeboards (+helmet) and wetsuits you pay an hourly  premium. Head to prices for more information on all our prices.