Compared to waterskiing, wakeboarding is moderately harder to learn. For those looking for extra guidance we offer specialized wakeboard clinics.  

Our  2-hour wakeboard clinic is the best option if you want to be sure you will learn how to wakeboard. After our instructional film we head over to our specialized wakeboard trainer. On this smaller, 2-pylon cable we are able to adjust the speed to you specifically. This makes learning to start from the dock a lot easier. Our instructors will help you with personalized cues to get you confidently on the water as soon as possible. After you have learned to steer on your wakeboard it’s time to progress to our full size cable. The next challenge is completing a full lap on this 4-pylon cable, of course we will assist you in doing so. 

Head to prices to check out the costs of a wakeboard clinic or book your ticket right away via book online. Take notice: since we want to maintain high quality clinics there is a maximum of 10 attendees per clinic. Make sure you book at least 1 day prior to your visit.  

Wakeboarding instructions during regular opening hours

No need for extra guidance? In that case you are welcome to visit us during our regular opening hours on the 4-pylon cable to learn how to wakeboard. You will also be watching an instructional film and our instructors will assist you with each start. Keep in mind that it might be more crowded during these hours. 

If there are plenty beginning wakeboarders we will sometimes open up our 2-pylon wakeboard trainer during regular opening hours as well. If this is the case you are free to use the 2-pylon wakeboard trainer if desired. In order to avoid disappointments you can inform beforehand if the wakeboard trainer will be open during your stay.