Wakeboarding and waterskiing at Cablepark Aquabest

Dear water skiers and wakeboarders,

The Cablepark is open again. We must strictly follow the conditions to ban COVID-19!


And that is only possible with your cooperation!


• Only access if booked via Online booking on our website! You must present the reservation confirmation printed with QR-code or on your mobile

* Please pay contactless

* Ordering drinks / food by QR scan menu

• Toilets are available but only one lady or man is allowed at a time!

• Routes and queues are clearly indicated and must be strictly followed!

• The 1.5 meter safety distance must always be respected!

• Do you have a cold, are you short of breath or have a fever? Then you have no access!

• Cough and sneeze in your elbow

* It is not allowed to consume your own consumptions!


Check the HOME page for the current opening hours.

With kind regards, Team Cablepark Aquabest

Cablepark Aquabest is located on a fantastic location that lends itself for a large variety of events. As one would expect we offer a wide range of options for both wakeboarding and water skiing including personal instructions. On top of that it’s also possible to enjoy a great meal or host a party at our venue. The cablepark is located near Eindhoven and is easily accessible via the A50 and A2 highways. Our parking is situated right next door so you can save your energy for wakeboarding and water skiing. If you are only planning on grabbing a drink or bite you can relax on the sunny terrace with a perfect view of the wakeboarders and water skiers. Whether you are visiting by yourself, or with a party of 100 people, we will ensure you have a wonderful stay.

AVAILABLE TIME SLOTS (check "book online")

Monday 14 September 16:00-20:00
Tuesday 15 September 14:00-20:00
Wednesday 16 September 14:00-20:00
Thursday 17 September 16:00-20:00
Friday 18 September 16:00-20:00
Saturday 19 September 13:00-19:00
Sunday 20 September 11:00-19:00
Monday 21 September 15:00-19:00
Tuesday 22 September 15:00-19:00
Wednesday 23 September 15:00-19:00
Thursday 24 September 15:00-19:00
Friday 25 September 15:00-19:00
Saturday 26 September 13:00-17:00
Sunday 27 September 11:00-19:00

The best location for:

Wakeboarding  –  Waterskiing  –  Company outings  –  Children’s parties  –  Bachelor parties  –  Weddings